Bullet And Wendy Shey Caught In Bed?


Reports indicate that a former lover of Bullet has found him in bed with
Wendy Shay

According to the story, the lady went to the police station to lodge a

Wendy Shay, one of Bullet’s signings has been touted to take over from
late Ebony Reigns

Reports have it that a Europe-based lover of Ruff Town Records and Midas
Touch boss, Ricky Nana Agyeman, popularly known as Bullet, has been caught
in bed with his latest sensation, Wendy Shay, during a surprise visit.

According to the report sighted by YEN.com.gh <http://YEN.com.gh> on
Ghanafuo.com, the lady who has been in a relationship with Bullet for the
past 5 years but were currently ex-lovers, returned from Europe unannounced
to pay Bullet a visit.

The story went on to reveal that she chanced upon the manager and his
artiste in bed together and amounted in a scuffle which landed all three
people in the police station.

The incident, according to the source, took place at the Sowutuom Police
Station on June 1, when Bullet and his ex-lover, a fair middle-aged woman,
walked in to lodge a complaint.

All this while, the source revealed that Wendy Shay was left behind in a
car in front of the police station and she was looking very worried.

The source went on to reveal that the Europe-based lady was the ex-lover of
Bullet and alleged that she was probably the fair lady who accompanied him
to the final funeral rites of Ebony Reigns.

She is alleged to have said that she was once asked by Wendy Shay how it
felt to be going out with a popular guy.

It is purported that the ex-lover of Bullet suffered a lot of abuse from
him which landed her in the hospital several times.

The Europe-based lady is also reported to have indicated that Bullet used
to abuse Ebony when she failed to meet certain deadlines.

According to the source, the woman was one of Bullet’s bankrollers and had
pushed a lot of money into his projects. She also threatened to get Bullet
imprisoned if he tried to lay hands on her.

Wendy Shay is reported to have vehemently denied the claims of being caught
in bed even though it has been alleged that Bullet once retorted that he
could do anything he liked with his artiste.

Not too long ago, reports were rife that Wendy Shay was dating O’Gee. The
‘Uber Driver’ singer quashed the claims as she shared photos with her real

She has recently released a new song titled ‘Bedroom Commando’ which
features her boyfriend in the official music video

Source : YEN.com.gh


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