I had Sex with Bishop Obinim before Reverend Obofuor – Joyce Dzidzor Mensah.


Remember Joyce Dzidzor Mensah? That pretty young lady that came openly to announce that she had HIV AIDS some few years back. I mean the Ghana AIDS ambassador. Even though she has come out to confirm to the general public that the HIV AIDS news isn’t true and that the whole AIDS story was part of her campaign against the deadly disease, it seems like things are getting tighter for her. As posted on her Facebook page, she claims to have had Sex with Bishop Daniel Obinim (Angel Obinim) several times after which the romantic occurrence continued with Reverend Obofuor. According to her, this has gone on for some time now and she doesn’t understand why she should be having sex with just these two men of God in her dreams. She therefore call on them to come together and deliver her from such serious dreams. Check out her actual words on her Facebook page below.

I like to find solutions to my problems that’s why I mostly share them. The sex dreams actually started from Reverend Dr. Daniel obinim for several months but I didn’t complain. But I decided to voice out because it moved from Obinim to obofour. It’s disturbing. These men of God have a way of visiting people in their dreams. I respect these two prophets and I wish they could join forces and deliver me.. . Someone please help get this message across to them. The sex is too much


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