Barima Sidney To Officially Adopt Liberia As Second Home.

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Ghanaian music legend Barima Sidney may be well known to be a full Ghanaian but that kind of picture is about changing its frame. Barima is one of the few Ghanaian musicians to drop songs that are able to spread across the African continent on several occasions and for that matter, his popularity within the African continent and beyond is unparalleled. In the year 2011, Barima Sidney was chosen by the then flag bearer of Congress For Democratic Change (CDC) Party George Weah who happens to be the current president of Liberia to compose the official campaign song for his political party and has been composing a campaign song for the CDC till date. On Saturday the 7th of March 2020, Barima Sidney is heading to Monrovia, the capital city of Liberia to repeat history on a special invitation by the president George Manneh Weah for a special show dubbed “CDC Party Retreat. Accompanied by Barima Sidney to honor this special presidential invitation will be his dancers and MCLord Ice Impraim who doubles as his personal manager and video editor. Now, one may be tempted to ask why honor a president’s invitation with dancers and video editors? In a phone call conversation with Freddy Kay of, he made it clear that he is about to drop another big song this year and for that reason, he will be shooting the official music video of that particular song which he declined announcing its title to us in Liberia. If you could remember in 2016, Barima Sidney dropped a controversial political song titled “Time Aso” a counter song to the NDC’s popular campaign song “John 3:16” which went viral within few minutes after being released, we suspect strongly he could do something similar this year, hence keeping the title of the upcoming song in the lock. As it stands now, all we can do is to keep our fingers crossed in expectation of what he has for us.

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